To be able to take card payments on your website is an easy way to get more customers and consequently more sales.

Online commerce now represents a substantial proportion of all small and medium-sized business sales.

eCommerce is thriving, and one of the reasons is because it’s easier than ever to take payments online. Payment gateways allow businesses no matter the size, to accept online payments in a secure, simple, and efficient way.

Effective eCommerce can lead to significant sales growth, an increment in customer reach, and better efficiency.

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Payment gateways allow businesses to have access to payment processing systems via mobile apps, website, and other applications like virtual terminals.

Online merchants can benefit from our competitive acquiring rates. PaymentPlus works with all the major online payment gateways, so you do not have to change your online payment service provider or gateway. We will work with your existing payment gateway provider to make the switching process seamless.

Frequently asked Questions

How can I accept online payments?

You can accept online payments through our payment gateway and integrate through a hosted payment page or an integrated payment page.

Are online payments secure?

Yes. Correctly setup, online payments are secure and PaymentPlus has access to a range of fraud screening tools to help protect your business.


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