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  1. The Benefits Of Using Mobile Card Machines For Businesses On The Go

    The use of cash has fallen rapidly in recent years, a trend that the ongoing pandemic has accelerated. This switch towards cashless transactions means that businesses that traditionally didn't offer cashless payment options need to adapt or face an inevitable drop in takings.

    One sector that has been affected by the change is that of the small mobile business. Businesses that run on this model have customarily relied on cash payments for much of their income.

    However, with the rise of digital wallets, contactless payments, and fewer people relying on cash, this type of business now finds it increasingly necessary to offer contactless or card payment options.

    Luckily, the process of setting up a mobile card machine is simple, and the benefits mean that mobile businesses that offer the service never look back.

    This article discusses a few of the major benefits of card machines for mobile businesses.

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  2. How Card Payment Machines Can Help Charities

    The way we pay for our goods and services is rapidly evolving. The move away from cash has been accelerated by the ongoing pandemic, but this has merely been a catalyst for a trend that was all but inevitable.

    There is no doubt that the move towards a cashless society brings with it a huge range of benefits. But as with any change, there is usually a downside that exists alongside the benefits.

    Charities are one sector that is already feeling the ramifications of the move. From simple collecting jars for collecting spare change at tills or on the street to special events and campaigns - the fact that we have less money on our person has seen this type of donation drop.

    Thankfully, contactless options and card machines can help fill this gap. This article details how card machines can help charitable causes.

    Do all card machine providers accept charities?

    Sadly, if you are

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  3. How to Choose the Right Card Machine for your Business

    Only a few short years ago, it was possible for many small businesses to happily trade without the need to accept card payments. However, rapidly changing consumer habits means this is no longer the case. These days consumer expectation is that all businesses should offer card and contactless payment options. The shift towards contactless has gathered pace recently. For businesses that don't accept card payments, this change can result in a serious decline in revenue. The good news is that setting up a contactless card reader is a simple process, the first step of which is to decide which type of card reader is best for your business. This guide will help you select the perfect type of reader.

    Tips for Choosing the Right Card Machine

    It used to be the case that it was mainly larger businesses that offered card and c
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  4. What to Look for in a Card Reader Supplier

    These days businesses of all shapes and sizes need to adapt to embrace the move to a cashless society. This means that all businesses, whether they use fixed premises, online, or mobile, need to offer the full range of payment options to customers. To help you choose the perfect card reader solution for your business, we have compiled a list of what to look for when selecting the best card reader for your business.

    Types of Card Readers

    The first thing is to make sure that the supplier can provide you with the best card reader to match your business’s needs. The type of card reader that is best for a business varies depending on the nature of how they trade. For instance, a mobile hairdresser will need a completely different solution from a retail outlet with a fixed cash desk. The first thing to look for is to ensu
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  5. How Do Card Readers Work?

    A complete guide to the process behind accepting card payments

    As society increasingly moves towards a cashless model, businesses of all sizes need to offer cashless payment options or run the risk of being left behind.

    Luckily there are card reader options to suit every business type. From sole traders that offer their services and collect payments on a door-to-door basis, to large retail operations with multiple outlets, there is a card reader solution.

    Whatever type of reader your business uses or is planning to use, it is useful to understand the mechanics behind the payment process and the different options available when choosing a card reader solution.

    This guide takes a look at how card readers work, the different types of card readers available, and what type of business can benefit from them.

    Card reader payments – The payment process

    For the merchant,

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  6. Contactless payments on the rise

    Contactless payments via debit and credit card have been introduced as a payment option to certain consumers over the past number of years and have become considerably popular with recent figures for 2015 showing a spend of £2.5 billion in the UK market alone.

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  7. PaymentPlus and REI partner with Wirecard

    Dublin/Aschheim (Munich)/Newcastle. Wirecard Card Solutions Ltd, a Wirecard AG company, is card issuer of the new ‘FromMe2You’ Gift Card, offered by the Irish Programme Manager The Gift Card Company. 

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